je suis Cendrillon, je suis tellement en amour.

name: rinlin | DOB: 28.10.92 | blood: B | profession: college student & working artist & part-time model & spoiled princess. about: proud to be a nerdy geeky intellectual videogame buff grammar nazi. ♚ completely and wholly in love with david john rollings.<3
love: DJR♥1/24. SNES/vintage Nintendo. MOTHER1+2(EarthBound)+3/Ninten&Ness&Lucas. ghosts. the paranormal. ectoplasmic apparitions. | music: (♥)Kagrra,.ºc-ute. しゃるろっと. そろばん. キボウ屋本舗. サンドイッチで120分?. ゾロ. メトロノーム. 新興宗教楽団NoGoD. 砂月. 배슬기. 손담비. 이효리. emarosa+dancegavindance+JONNYCRAIG<3. coheed&cambria. simon&garfunkel. amanda lepore. cat stevens. hall and oates. isles&glaciers.
contact: AIM - COOKFORMEKEVIN | email - erinlr@live.com | text:(ask) | lj.rules: i pretty much accept all friend requests even if i don't necessarily know you; just don't be a creeper or anything like that and we'll be cool.
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